September 9, 2009

Oil Drilling in So Cal Proposed Again!


Well, they just won't give up! In July you all worked hard to defeat the Governor’s Oil Drilling Scheme. Your efforts helped carry the day. The Governor’s plan was defeated in the California Assembly by a vote of 43-28.

There was massive opposition to the first attempt at this end run and the opposition has only grown.

Unfortunately, the drilling company PXP is trying to make a comeback and Asm. Sam Blakeslee is its new champion – Republican Assembly member Sam Blakeslee has a "gut-and-amend" bill (AB 1536) to hand PXP the 1st new lease to drill in state waters since the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. The Blakeslee bill would create a sham committee to subvert the State Lands Commission authority.

We have to defeat this blatant disregard for California's independent resource protection agencies.We did it before and we can do it again.

Your urgent action is needed -- AB 1536 (Blakeslee) is currently in the Senate Rules Committee. The bill cannot proceed without special action by the Committee. Please click below to email your Assembly and Senate Members to express your opposition to this bill AB 1536. Additionally please call Senate Rules Committee Chair Darrell Steinberg to let him know this type of sham legislation is innapropriate and should not be allowed out of the Rules Committee. And be sure to to remind him that at least 93 environmental organizations oppose this legislation. His number is(916) 651-4006

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